Acupuncture and Infertility

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, infertility affects approximately 6 million people in the U.S.A. That is 10% of those of reproductive age burdened by infertility. Infertility equally affects men and women.

Acupuncture has been helping cure infertility for thousands of years. The advanced philosophy and techniques of the Constitutional Medicine practiced by Dr. JiMong are even more effective. Dr. JiMong’s Miracle Acupuncture works by restoring balance and proper functioning to our bodies’ systems. We are made to work right, and that includes having children, the most fundamental and essential of human endeavors.

Infertility occurs, for both women and men, when our bodies become out of balance through stress, disease, lack of quality food, water, air and exercise. Dr. JiMong’s treatments restore the natural balance to your body’s functions. When you have the equilibrium of wellness, your body, mind and emotions work how they are supposed to. You think and feel better and heal faster, and your natural biological functions are at their peak. When you have this wellness restored by Dr. JiMong, your reproductive system will be working properly, and the physical obstacles to conception will be absent.

Don’t delay the relief you’ve been waiting for. Dr. JiMong works with each patient and uses the most effective acupuncture techniques to provide the best results for Infertility. Please Contact Us to begin your healing journey.

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