Herbal Treatment

Constitutional Herbal Treatment

The herbal treatments used in Oriental Medicine are a powerful part of restoring one to optimal health. Herbal decoctions rely on natural plants and herbs as their ingredients. Traditional Korean Herbal treatments have no contraindications or side effects. The way herbal decoctions work is by balancing the body’s systems to bring wellness. Dr. JiMong uses Constitutional theory in the development of his herbal treatments. This means that the herbal medicine you receive from Dr. JiMong is specifically designed for you.

In other styles of Oriental Medicine, the treatments are delivered generally, so that while two individuals may be different, they still receive the same medicine. As with all of Constitutional Medicine, Herbal decoctions find and fix the source of the health problem, instead of just alleviating a symptom of the real cause. This fixing the source of the problem could mean the difference between a few months of treatment versus a lifetime of drug dependence. Furthermore, Dr.JiMong’s herbal treatments come in a variety of forms, designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. There are many decoctions and tinctures available to match the patients needs.

In addition to the incredible curative treatments, there are many preventive decoctions, such as blood cleansers and immune fortifying teas, which are and should be one of the first steps in a healthy balanced life. Remember the old adage, and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. From weight loss and cancer prevention to more energy and curing the common cold, in the hands of an expert like Dr. Ji Mong, herbal medicine is stage on the journey to wholeness that one should not do without. Please be sure and read our “success stories” for some first hand accounts of the strength and potency of Traditional Korean Herbal Treatments.

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