About Dr. JiMong

Dr JiMong's Miracle Acupuncture Alpharetta Ga

Ph.D. Dissertation

A Study of Constitutional Acupuncture and Efficient Application Procedures


  • CA Union University – Master of Science in Oriental Medicine
  • Yuin University – Ph.D. in Constitutional Medicine

Professional Experience

  • Kings Park University, VA – Professor of Oriental Medicine
  • Choe’s Moo Rym Won, GA – Grandmaster, President and Founder
  • Eastern Philosophy Center, GA – President
  • Georgia State Oriental Medicine Association – President
  • United States Representative to the International Korean Medicine Conference
  • Institute of Traditional Medicine, Kings Park University – President

Media & Publications

  • Baltimore Sun, MD: 2 Articles
  • NBC TV “Sports in the Future”
  • Tae Kwon Do Times: Cover Article and “What is Qi Gong” [Article]
  • Wilmington Star News, NC: 2 Articles
  • Acupuncture Today: 1st article in America on Sa Ahm Acupuncture [Article]
  • Gwinnett Daily Post [Article]
  • AM 1310 – SaSang Consultation [View]
  • The Korea News Today [Article]
  • Donga Daily News [Article]
  • KTN TV Interview [Interview]
  • Qi-Unity Report [Article]


  • NCCAOM certified acupuncturist
  • Doctor of Soo Ki, South Korea
  • Licensed in GA, MD, MO and Washington D.C.

Professional Membership

  • Korean American Headquarters of the United Association of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture of USA
  • Association of Korean Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture of California
  • Society of SaSang Constitutional Medicine
  • Korean Medicine Institute
  • Chim Korea (HyunDae Acupuncture Academy)
  • Dong Yi Chim Sool Won (Dong Yi Traditional Korean Medicine Acupuncture Academy)

Professional Recognition

  • 1st World Congress of Manipulation Therapy
  • 2002 Who’s Who in martial arts
  • 2004 Acupuncturist of the Year
  • 2004 Grandmaster of the Year
  • 2004 People News. Who’s Who in USA
  • Distinguished Service Award – Kings Park University
  • Distinguished Service Award – Minister of the Dept. of National Defense (S.Korea)
  • 2006 Strathmore’s Who’s Who
  • 2006 Heritage Registry of Who’s Who

Certificates of Appreciation

  • Korean Soo Ki Association
  • Korea Hap Ki Do Association
  • 1st World Congress of Manipulation Therapy
  • Kukiwon (Olympic Tae Kwon Do Headquarters)

Letters of Recognition

  • Fmr. President Bill Clinton
  • Governor of Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia
  • Senator of Georgia, North Carolina
  • Mayor of Wilmington, NC


  • #78505777
  • Choe’s Hap Ki Do #78328474
  • Choe’s Moo Rym Won #78308895
  • Choe’s Miracle Acupuncture & Herb Center #78313404
  • Grandmaster Choe’s Eastern Philosophy Center #78308887
  • “Listen to Me” #78319717
  • “Miracle Body Design” #78505734
  • “Miracle Fitness” #78505737