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Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma
Founder of Sa Sang

Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma – Founder of Sa Sang

Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma the founder of Sa Sang Constitution was born in HahmHung, Korea in 1839. A precocious child, Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma had finished most of his philosophical studies by age 7. Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma had shown a natural affinity for martial arts and had passed the government Martial Arts Exam by age 13. By 1875 Dr. Lee was a high ranking government official. With his natural ability and martial arts acumen, Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma recognized the burgeoning problem of the shortage of medical care. So many were the patients, and so few the doctors, that the doctors were dying early and burning out from exhaustion. Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma turned his prodigious talents onto solving this problem. Immediately he recognized that prevention was the cure.

Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma spent the rest of his life developing his theory of SaSang. Many experts and historians credit Dr. Lee with being one of the most highly enlightened people of his time. Dr. Lee focused on the philosophical “invisible” anatomy that makes us human. Western Science only looks at the visible and physical, Dr. Lee perceived that only through understanding the mental, emotional and spiritual qualities of humanity could one begin to have a more complete working picture. According to Sa Sang philosophy, humanity is divided into four groups. Each group has certain foods, personality characteristics, strengths and weaknesses that match them. By understanding this, one can live a more healthful and harmonious life, leaving the doctors more time to treat the most needy. At the end of his life, Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma published his treatise on SaSang, DONG YI SOO SE BO WON in 1894. Philosophically revolutionary, Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma knew his illuminated vision was ahead of its time. In the final pages of DONG YI SOO SE BO WON, Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma predicted that in 100 years a talented Oriental Medical Doctor would rediscover this powerful healing art and continue its path to fruition. In 1994, Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma’s prediction came true and now the most accomplished and brilliant Oriental Medical Doctors are opening this health revolution to the world. Dr. JiMong Choe is one of the only experts of Sa Sang in the world. Dr. JiMong Choes’s acupuncture teacher was Dr. Lee, the grandson of Dr. Lee, Je Ma. Through his enlightened understanding, Dr. JiMong Choe is continuing the life-changing legacy of Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Ma.

SaSang Theory

SaSang Constitution was originally theorized by Dong Mu, Dr. Lee Je Mah. Dr. Lee was an enlightened master who lived in the 19th century. Discouraged at the state of medicine and health, Dr. Lee developed a philosophical system of prevention and treatment to match the needs of individuals as opposed to the ineffectual generic solutions for the masses. SaSang theory views the person as a whole, mind, emotion, body and spirit. Furthermore SaSang incorporates the conditions of human existence in its formulations, heaven, earth, mind and body. This necessitates a philosophical understanding of the human being, beyond just the physical symptoms. SaSang seeks to understand the “invisible anatomy” that makes up humanity. We are more than just our physical bodies, and Dr. Lee recognized this. Our personalities and emotions are as important as our organs in finding a way to cure and prevent illness. Prevention and empowering the patient to live a more healthy life is part of the foundation of SaSang.

From the further development of SaSang by experts like Dr. JiMong, SaSang can be used to determine the most appropriate diet, exercise, mental awareness, prevention program and treatment. SaSang Theory has found the deep acupuncture root of the human health condition. SaSang divides humanity into 4 basic body characters: Tae Yang In, So Yang In, Tae Um In, and So Um In. One’s individual body character can be determined by the high precision, exacting constitutional diagnosis. When SaSang is put into practice under a master such as Dr. JiMong, the ignorance and guesswork can be removed from the healthy quality of life we all yearn for.

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