Dr. JiMong’s Story

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Dr. JiMong was born in Tae Jun, South Korea into a family of physicians and philosophers. Dr. JiMong’s father, Dr. Choe, Yung Kyu, was a genius and a M.D. and had memorized an entire textbook of Western anatomy. His brother, Dr. Choe, is also a M.D. Dr. JiMong’s uncle, Dr. Yoon was a Doctor before becoming a monk and his daughter, Dr. June Choe is an optometrist. Dr. JiMong graduated from Kun Kuk University in 1966 with a degree in business economics. He met his wife, Eun Sook Choe soon after. Mrs. Choe graduated from Sook Myung University with a B.A. in Oriental History. While mastering Hap Ki Do and philosophy, Dr. JiMong combined his knowledge with the healing arts.

During the 1970’s, Dr. JiMong studied acupuncture with Dr. Lee, Jong Oh, the grandson of the founder of SaSang Constitution, Dong Mu Dr. Lee, Je Mah. Dr. Lee was one of the top acupuncturists in Korea at that time and Dr. JiMong was on the original list of 9 Acupuncturists. Dr. JiMong was an executive board member of the 1st World Congress of Manipulation Therapy in 1975. It was also in 1975 that Dr. JiMong received his doctorate in Soo Ki (a healing art that utilizes internal energy). In Korea, Dr. JiMong was well known for his “magical hands” and people would line up to have him treat them.

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In 1978, Dr. JiMong moved with his family to the United States. On his path to becoming a Martial Arts Grandmaster, Dr. JiMong was fully integrating his philosophical, martial and healing skills. The result is an unmatched philosophical depth to compliment his astounding techniques. Some of these techniques include acupuncture, herbal, decoctions, moxabustion, cupping, body alignment and manipulation, golden yang metal treatment, far infra red ray therapy, negative Gong and Hwal Bup to name just a few. Dr. JiMong’s expertise and spiritual insight are preternaturally advanced and allow him to find answers where others have given up. Dr. JiMong is able to call upon intense levels of healing ki power as a result of his training as a Martial Arts Grandmaster. Dr. JiMong’s life experiences have given him a healing and diagnostic power that is beyond normal understanding. Only Dr. JiMong’s unique vision allows for such a meaningful and essential harmony of humanity and the universe.

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Dr. JiMong would like to facilitate the understanding of Eastern and Western Medicine together to provide a more assimilated and effective Health system for everyone. With the advent of the revolutionary SaSang Constitutional Medicine and Dr. JiMong’s comprehensive understanding and application of it, the potential for beneficial change in our society’s health and wellbeing is enormous. Through his tremendous abilities and living example, Dr. JiMong can provide healing integration in the medical community while curing and easing the suffering of humanity.

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