Acupuncture and Cholesterol

It is estimated that more than 105 million adults in the USA have cholesterol that is considered High Risk; that is 1 in 5 adults that are at a High Risk of suffering from a possibly fatal disease caused by unhealthy cholesterol levels. High Cholesterol itself does not have noticeable symptoms, but it leads to various serious ailments such as heart disease. Acupuncture and especially herbal medicine have amazing results in helping lower bad cholesterol while maintaining or increasing good cholesterol.

Herbal Medicine can very directly affect the mechanisms that regulate cholesterol absorption and production, thus effectively regulating your cholesterol in the body. Also acupuncture will regulate the flow of blood and energy throughout the body causing balance and harmony between the organs creating a healthier you which will lead to healthier cholesterol levels. Acupuncture and Herb medicine is one of the only know ways to increase your good cholesterol. Having higher good cholesterol number can be the key to success. Experience has also show that Oriental Medicine is also capable of reversing plaque build up on the or in the artery walls.

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