Success Stories

The following excerpts are just a small representation of the scope and diversity of Dr. JiMong’s healing power and potential. Please check this page often as we will continue to update as more and more benefit from the opportunities at Choe’s Miracle Acupuncture & Herb Center.


  • Tim M. abused his body all of his life, and at 43 was suffering from tennis elbow, tendonitis, joint pain, and stress related hypertension. After acupuncture and herbal medicine from Dr. JiMong, Tim felt like an 18 year old again, pain and stress melted away.
  • Louise F. was troubled by arthritic pains in her knees and lower back. After Dr. JiMong’s treatment, all the pain was gone. Louise is almost 80!
  • Fred V. a landscaper was plagued with lower back pain for years. After only the second needle, he finally found relief.
  • Stephen R. was unable to walk without crutches. When he came to see Dr. JiMong for his second treatment, he was walking without the crutches!
  • Joseph M. was in a bad car accident and Dr. JiMong’s treatments were the only remedy to the pain.
  • Johnny H. had migraines for ten years, nothing seemed to help. Nothing helped until he met Dr. JiMong. After the first treatment his symptoms reduced by 50%, after 4 treatments he had no more migraines.
  • Daphne N. had chronic low back pain and had been to many specialists searching for relief. Dr. JiMong gave her first pain free days in years.
  • Cory F. is a professional sports instructor and only Dr. JiMong’s herbal medicine could ease the pain of a lifetime involved in contact sports.
  • Shin P. could not turn her head from a stiff and sore neck for over 2 weeks. After the first treatment by Dr. JiMong she was back to more than 80% mobility and was fully recovered after the second.
  • Dan J. had knee surgery and was given 6 months to recover; Dr. JiMong reduced the recovery time to 1½ months.
  • Fred G. had severe arthritis in his hands and was unable to close his hands or use tools. After treatment from Dr. JiMong he was back in action.
  • Allen L. sprained his ankle. With Dr. JiMong’s insightful acupuncture technique, he was able to go golfing the next day!
  • Sheryl T. had severe knee pain and trouble walking. Following a single Acupuncture session from Dr. JiMong she was able to walk normally, even in high heel shoes!

Heart problems

  • Allison J. had extremely high blood pressure, over 180/90. Following acupuncture with Dr. JiMong, her BP was consistently around 125/80.
  • Ron F. had a dangerous irregular heartbeat, leaving him at risk for a heart attack at any time. After 1 acupuncture treatment from Dr. JiMong, his heartbeat was strong and true.
  • Larry B. suffered from high blood pressure and joint pain. After a 1 month treatment of Constitutional Herbal medicine his joint pain was gone and his blood pressure was consistently at safe levels.
  • Ben R. had heart palpitations since his youth. He now has a regular, strong heartbeat thanks to Dr. JiMong.
  • Hank W. was plagued with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. With herbal medicine and a diet program from Dr. JiMong, both counts are well within the healthy range and his energy has increased.
  • Mark M. was given 2 months to live from heart disease. Years later he is going strong after treatment from Dr. JiMong.
  • Mel K. had heart problems for years and had had numerous operations. As a result his legs were weak and the circulation very poor. Dr. JiMong’s acupuncture strengthened his heart and Mel had a spring in his step he hadn’t had for years.

Urinary/reproductive problems

  • Ted W. had 1 hip smaller than the other and was life threateningly low on basic stamina. Dr. JiMong corrected both problems so he is now symmetrical and virile.
  • Melinda B. agonized over a series of miscarriages. After treatment from Dr. JiMong, she was pregnant within a month and now has a strong, healthy baby.
  • Jake W. had prostate problems and difficulty urinating. Jake said he felt like an 18 year old after Dr. JiMong’s acupuncture.
  • Mary M. had not had a menstrual cycle in over 5 years, after 1 treatment from Dr. JiMong she was back to regularity.

Digestive problems

  • Wanda M. had progressive Crohn’s Disease which was stopped and regressed by Dr. JiMong.


  • Susan R. was experiencing facial numbness and partial paralysis. Dr. JiMong restored full feeling and began to reverse the cause.
  • Vira Z. was slowly losing feeling on her right side. When no other treatments worked, and terrified of what might happen, she was fortunate enough to find Dr.Jimong, who returned full feeling and peace of mind to Vira.
  • Malorie L. has MS and her finger was numb…all the time. After acupuncture with Dr. JiMong, the feeling returned to her finger, restoring hope as well as sensation.


  • Kyle W. had been color blind for over 15 years as a result of a car accident. Dr. JiMong cured his color blindness and improved his vision from 20/60 to 20/30.
  • Dr. JiMong’s amazing “Single Needle Technique” cured Malcolm L. of color blindness. He had been color blind since birth, and no one had been able to help him until Dr. JiMong.
  • Stan R. could not open his left eye and was facing corrective surgery. When Stan left Dr. JiMong’s office his eye was open and he could see the light.


  • Sally R. had edema (swollen legs), poor circulation and all over body pain primarily from mental and emotional stress. Sally was calm, thinking clearly and feeling emotionally in balance after 1 session of Acupuncture. In addition, the swelling and pain reduced and her healthy glow returned.
  • Mikey B. had a rash that would not go away. The cure came from Dr. JiMong, Mikey is rash free.
  • Garrett B. Had insomnia for years. It had begun to affect his work and family, not to mention his mental, emotional and physical condition. Following Dr. JiMong’s treatment program of acupuncture and herbal medicine, Garrett was able to sleep 6-8 hours nightly and his happiness and productivity returned.
  • Jane B. was in the early stages of Diabetes until treatment from Dr. JiMong. All of the Diabetic symptoms are now gone, and she has a new lease on life.
  • Jack O., over 64 years old, gained 15 lbs. increased stamina and mental balance in only 1 week of treatment.
  • Troy B. was a body builder who had peeked until Dr. JiMong’s treatment helped him to put on 30lbs of muscle mass.
  • Joe M.’s blood was 90% bacteria infested. After Dr. JiMong’s herbal medicine and Laser irradiation, Joe’s blood had less than 5% bacteria and his joint pain and discomfort were gone.

This is a small sampling and the names have been changed and the details of the stories have been withheld for the privacy of those treated. We at Miracle Acupuncture hope this list helps to demonstrate the powerful healing efficacy of Constitutional Medicine as wielded by Dr. JiMong.


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