Night Blindness

Acupuncture to help Night Blindness

Night Blindness (also known as Nyctalopi) can be genetic and a problem since birth, or it can develop later in life for a multitude of different reasons. Acupuncture has been shown to have a great result on many conditions affecting vision in conjunction with proper diet.

Acupuncture has amazing results with Night Blindness. Conditions affecting the eye and vision are associated with the liver, and acupuncture will strengthen the liver, as well as other organs affecting your liver’s condition, in order to have a balanced flow of energy and blood from the liver to nourish the eyes and maintain or improve vision.

Don’t delay the relief you’ve been waiting for. Dr. JiMong works with each patient and uses the most effective acupuncture techniques to provide the best results for Night Blindness. Please Contact Us to begin your healing journey.

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