Miracle Body Design

Dr. JiMong’s Miracle Body Design & Miracle Fitness

The unique skills and healing wisdom of Dr. JiMong have combined with the latest in Oriental medical science and technology to create Dr. JiMong’s Miracle Body Design. This amazing revolution in the transformation and healing of the body is available exclusively through the laser-edge vision of Choe’s Miracle Acupuncture & Herb Center.

Acupuncture for weight loss

The Miracle Body Design program is able to reduce your weight or increase it. No more fad diets or starving yourself to lose weight. No more uncomfortable struggles to gain weight just perfected ancient wisdom and the digital, medical horizon. Flabby arms can be toned and tightened. Broad hips and thick legs can be sculpted into supple, proportionate ideals for your body. Mis-aligned and non symmetrical features can be corrected. Bell’s Palsy, one shoulder higher than the other, knock-knees and bow legs, are some common problems that can be assisted by Dr. JiMong’s Miracle Body Design. Have you ever seen a pair of shoes with one edge completely worn out while the rest of the shoe was not? That results from problems that Miracle Body Design was created to adjust. Love handles and that spare tire, evaporating away. Miracle Body Design can even treat chronic red eyes, and yellow jaundiced eyes! Don’t despair when you see those wrinkles in the mirror, Miracle Body Design uses the natural renewing properties of your body to literally reverse the effects of aging. Miracle Body design can even enhance the condition of brittle, damaged hair.

Dr. JiMong uses his superlative skill and experience along with Traditional Korean Medicine to work these miracles. By using the Constitutional Medicine techniques he has mastered, Dr. JiMong can adjust your body’s organ functions and balance your natural rhythms, allowing your optimal state of wellness to flourish. Miracle Body Design uses technology that influences the bio-electric nature of your being, allowing for a holistic transformation. Just as Miracle Body Design capitalizes on the impermanent, energetic nature of the body, there must be maintenance and lifestyle changes to keep and support the Miracle Body Designed for you. Regular visits to Choe’s Miracle Acupuncture & Herb Center, following your Constitution Medicine Diet and an exercise program like Dr. JiMong’s Miracle Fitness will insure your miraculously healthy future.

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