Healing Technologies

Miracle Acupuncture’s Healing Technology

At Choe’s Miracle Acupuncture & Herb Center, Dr. JiMong uses only the most modern, digital, computerized and scientific Oriental Medical technology. The following descriptions represent the highest level of healing and body shaping equipment available today. From total body and bio-electric analysis to pain relief; from blood cleansing to weight loss, the revolutionary machines used by Dr. JiMong offer benefits not to be found elsewhere. Matched with Dr. JiMong’s compassion and skill, patients of Miracle Acupuncture can look forward to a whole new quality of life.

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Dr. JiMong uses a body composition analyzer to provide a clear before and after treatment analysis including one’s obesity rate. A specialized, digital computer is used in the assessing of the patients Constitutional Pulse Diagnosis. Whole body diagnosis is available, utilizing automatic, bio-electric response. This amazing tool is able to determine what body/organ functions are running high or low, the cause and the treatment! Miracle acupuncture also uses the Constitutional “QSCC II” to provide the highest level of patient service. Do acupuncture needles make you nervous? Miracle Acupuncture offers needle-less, Laser Acupuncture. Never any blood, never any pain!

Ultra sonic waves and far infra red ray machines are used to help joint pain and arthritis. This is especially beneficial and gentle for our elderly visitors. The multipurpose exercise equipment used at Miracle acupuncture is like no other piece of gym equipment ever made. You can refresh your body, reduce your weight and feel better, without stress and without sweating! 3 different exercises can be completed in only 11 minutes! This is especially valuable for those whose time schedules make it difficult to exercise regularly.

Dr. JiMong has the technology to laser irradiate the blood. This improves your immune system, increases the amount of blood supply to your brain, and creates clean, healthy blood. Furthermore laser blood irradiation can decrease nasal inflammation and tintanitus. Obesity therapy is available using advanced electronic stimulation. This modern technological weight reduction is produced using three different wave modes, ultrasonic, low frequency and vacuum. So effective and advanced is this machine that some users may experience up to 1” reduction in just 30 minutes!

Far infra red ray therapy and jade heat are combined in the multi functional rolling bed. This capsule style bed aligns the spine while providing front and back cell stimulating and fat burning far infra red rays for your body. This scientific, healing marvel is extremely beneficial for post partum mothers to regain their strength and shape back. Obesity acupuncture is available using special acupuncture tools to help naturally dissolve the fat away. All herbal medicines are made with ultrasonically cleaned, highest quality herbs. The water used in preparing the herbal decoctions is the finest alkaline mineral water. Ionized, alkaline mineral water is also provided in the waiting room for the health and benefit of all our guests.

The future of health and medicine has arrived, and it is waiting for you at Choe’s Miracle Acupuncture & Herb Center.

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